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Cucaracha (1917)

"La Cucaracha" (Spanish: "The Cockroach") is a traditional Spanish folk corrido that became popular in Mexico during the Mexican Revolution.

Here below is a contemporary corrido song sheet of La cucaracha issued during the Mexican Revolution.
Note the original lyrics and the reference to cartoncitos, which were a type of scrip issued as pay.

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(o) Conway's Band
Recorded July 2, 1917 (instrumental)
Released on Victor 69556
Matrix B 20354

(c) Amelia Aviles, Maria Garcia, Jose Chaques and Carlos Villarias
Acoompanied by the Orquesta Xochiquetzal.
Recorded December 1917 in New York.
Released on Columbia C3152

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Mentioned in the newspaper El Paso Morning Times (El Paso, Tex.),
Vol. 38TH YEAR, Ed. 1, Friday, February 22, 1918

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(c) Trio Gonzalez 1920
Recorded February 3, 1920 in New York
Released on Victor 72598

(c) Claudio García Cabrera (1920)
Recorded in 1920 in New York.
Released on Pathé 6587

(c) Grupo Azteca (1930)
J. Benigno Diaz (vocalist)
José Hernandez Gomez (vocalist : baritone vocal)
Recorded March 31, 1930 in Camden, New Jersey
Victor 46847

(c) Paz Flores and Francisco Montalvo (1934)
Recorded April 2, 1934 in the Texas Hotel in San Antonio.
Released on Bluebird B-2222 and Victor 32141 (as by Grupo Nacional)

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The song was featured in the movie "Viva Villa", released April 10, 1934!

Harold Spina adapted the Mexican song "La Cucaracha" from that Viva Villa movie and turned it from a 6/8-meter song to 4/4. It became a worldwide hit with his treatment. Lyrics were by Johnny Burke. They used the name JUAN Y D'LORAH on the published song, "Juan" being Johnny Burke, and "d'lorah" being Harold spelled backwards

(c) The Royal Castillians (1934)
Recorded August 20, 1934

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(c) Orquesta Pajaro Azul (1934)
Recorded August 11, 1934
Released on Montgomery Ward 4864

Also released on Bluebird B 5602 (as by Mexican Bluebird Orchestra)

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The song was also featured in the short-film "La Cucaracha", released August 31, 1934

La Cucaracha is a modestly entertaining two-reeler concerning the antics of a jealous Mexican cantina girl (Steffi Duna) in love with a stuck-up dancer (Don Alvarado). Steffi tries to sabotage his efforts to land an important dancing engagement in Mexico City, so that she won't be left alone. First, she sabotages a salad being prepared for an important theatrical impresario (Paul Porcasi). When this plan fails, she throws Alvarado off his dance by loudly singing the film's title song. All ends happily of course, as two-reelers of the time often did.

You can watch the movie here:

(c) Castillian Troubadours (1934)
Recorded August 20, 1934
Released on Brunswick 6961

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(c) Lud Gluskin (1934)
Vocals: Chiquito
Recorded September 13, 1934
Matrix CD-W-15891
Released on Columbia 2952-D

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(c) Orquesta Tipica Roberto Firpo (1934)
Vocals: Carlos Varela
Recorded October 19, 1934 in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Matrix C 7858
Released on Odeon 3067 in Argentina and on Odeon OT 142 in England

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(c) Billy Cotton 1934
Recorded September 21, 1934
Released on Regal Zonophone MR-1451

(c) Ambrose 1934
Recorded October 24, 1934
Released on Decca F-5283

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(c) Harry Roy and his Orchestra (1934)
Recorded November 13, 1934
Released on Parlophone F-1929

Listen here:'Lorah,%20Juan%20Y.;jsessionid=85AB53EDDF7F7DF4591DD2E81E52A64D

(c) Joe Loss 1934
Recorded November 1934

(c) London Piano-Accordeon Band under the direction of Scott Wood
Recorded November 28, 1934
Released on Regal Zonophone MR-1516

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(c) Francisco J. Lomuto y su Orquesta Tipica (1934)
Recorded December 2, 1934

(c) AdesFrancisco Lomuto y su orquesta típica
Canta: Fernando Díaz
Recorded Buenos Aires, 2/12/1934
Victor 37702, matriz 86725

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(c) Geraldo 1934
Recorded December 8, 1934

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(c) CUBAN HAVANA DANCE BAND (= JAY WILBUR and his Orchestra)
Recorded December 31, 1934
Released on Rex 8380

(c) Alina de Silva (1930's)

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Date: 10/3/35
Label: 580B
MX: 60023=E;

(c) LUIS B. HIJAR y su Orquesta (1934) LA CUCARACHA (The Cockroach Mambo);
Matrix: DI-749;
Released on Mexican Imperial 452

(c) Mantovani
Recorded March 13, 1941

(c) The Skatalites (1964) – as "Ska-Racha"

Etc etc etc

"La Cucaracha"also become a very popular verse played on car horns.